As a graduate from Danish School of Media and Journalism, with a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication / Photographic Communication, I'm searching for the perfect job where I can combine my knowledge and skills in photography and communication, within a creative company.

The primary focus of this bachelor's programme is how I, as a photographer, most efficiently communicate through my photography, regardless the genre, by implementing different strategies, theories and methods, ideas and concepts. Photography has become a way of working with multiple interests of mine, such as communication, books and magazines, art direction, design, music, fashion, art, creative concepts and ideas, etc.

In addition to my work as a photographer, I have a great interest in what comes before and after the photo itself, in the process of creating good and effective communication, whether it be innovative ideas, concept development, editing, post production, layout, strategy and use in different media, such as books, magazines and web, etc.

My ambition is to become a contributing part of a dynamic company, offering a combination of creative skills. I want to observe and absorb all your know-how, learn the do’s and the don’t’s, take on tasks independently and as a valued team member. I can offer you an ambitious and hardworking addition to your company. A motivated co-worker, eager to learn the ways of a dynamic and creative industry, with a good sense of teamwork and responsibility. I take great pride in being detail oriented, thorough and efficient in my work.

The topic of my bachelor's thesis was how to best accommodate to the behaviour of the young female consumer as a media present on multiple platforms; digital and in print. This resulted in a concept called PULP KONSORTIUM, including a magazine mockup with four different stories showcasing my photographic work. If you are interested in receiving a copy of this magazine or reading my thesis, to gain a greater insight into my work or exactly what a bachelor's degree in Photographic Communications means, please send a request to contact@kkrosendahl.com. 


Since graduating I have been working freelance with projects of different size and character, whether it be a single portrait for a private client or a full service solution, from idea to finished product, for larger clients. To gain more experience and versatile skills, I have assisted photographers, worked as an in-house photographer and done a couple of internships. I spent three months in New York as a photo editor intern with V MAGAZINE and VMAN, giving me a great insight into the world of magazines, printed and digital media and art direction, as well as gaining international experience. I have also interned as an in-house photographer with the blogging network Bloggers Delight, model agency LE MANAGEMENT and the digital agency GORM Agency, creating visual content for different platforms, especially social media. In 2018 I completed a course in Digital Marketing to gain a greater insight into, and understanding for, the platforms I am creating content for. Since, I have worked as an Art Director Assistant at the ad agency NØRGÅRD MIKKELSEN. 

Currently, I am working with content creation, art direction, communication, marketing and strategy at Rosendahls print · design · media, including the eCommerce shop, topaper.

I am always working on personal projects and concepts for future shoots.

Prior to my studies, I have had years of work experience as customer service and sales consultant, learning the importance of team work and communication, as well as reaching desired results in a dynamic and hectic work environment.


2019 - currently

2018 - 2019

2012 - currently

Rosendahls print · design · media, content creation, communication, marketing, strategy

NØRGÅRD MIKKELSEN, art director assistant, 7 months

Freelance, photographer and visual communication




2012 - 2015       


2010 - 2011 

2007 - 2009

2002 - 2005

BIGUM&CO, digital marketing

DJ Masterclass Havana, Cuba, with photographer Christopher Morris

Danish School of Media and Journalism; photographic communication

VERA; photography course

Different courses; business and marketing classes, Spanish

University of Copenhagen; law

Esbjerg Gymnasium






GORM Agency, in-house photographer and content production, 1 month

LE MANAGEMENT, in-house photographer, 2 months

V MAGAZINE and VMAN, New York, photo editor intern and photographer, 3 months

Bloggers Delight, in-house photographer and content production, 2 months    


Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, XD, Final Cut, Animate, Office

Photography, still and motion, editing, content production, simple copywriting, illustrations and graphic design, animation, retouch and post production, visual communication, storytelling, art direction, ideas and concepts, insights, research, target group analysis, project management, set design, casting, communication, marketing, strategy

Fluent in Danish and English, basic German and Spanish




GRISK Magazine

Le Management Editorial

Aftryk; magazine

Re:solution; magazine

Copenhagen Photo Festival

Digital media showcasing the collections of designers I have collaborated with; The WILD magazine, NOT JUST A LABEL, etc

Print work at shows and exhibitions showcasing the collections of designers I have collaborated with; Koldinghus, ITMA in Shanghai, Copenhagen Fashion Week, etc